"The Global 500 Greatest Songs of All Time"

Someone put together a collection "The Global 500 Greatest Songs of All Time" and my singing of "Plyve Kacha" is included. I begun to sing KACHA back in the 90s, when we had a trio with Lilia Melnik and Yaryna Horyn in the Cheremosh University Choir. The recording was made in 2001. Then I got information from somewhere that it was the favorite song of Mykhailo Zhyzniewski, one of the first people killed on the Euromaidan. The song turned into a lament, a requiem. And that's why I asked Oleksandr Frazé-Frazénko to make a memory video. I am touched that this particular lament song, a song that helps us move through pain and sadness, made it into the collection.
I visualize our singing of joy - when we will finally celebrate the victory. ZAPOVIT of Taras Shevchenko ?
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