Nomination for the Philadelphia Barrymore  Awards 2017 in category „Outstanding original music“

Written and Directed by Blanka Zizka
Your play is very you! - East Europeanish, quirky and eccentric, personal and political, and very much a director’s play... congratulations on writing a play of real individuality.” – Tom Stoppard

It’s the summer of 1977 and 22-year-old Lenka is fleeing authoritarian Czechoslovakia for the art and beauty of New York City. At the start of her journey, Lenka is confronted by an Old Woman from an extinct Slavic tribe who guides her through a dream-like world where the past and future meet and multiple realities collide. From a refugee camp to Central Park, Blanka Zizka’s Adapt! is a kaleidoscopic look at a young immigrant’s journey in a surreal world full of surprises, accompanied by a musical landscape ranging from traditional folkloric songs through Czech protest ballads to the pop sounds of the late 20th century.

Major support for Adapt! has been provided by The Pew Center for Arts & Heritage.

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