...because singing is like breathing! Zoryana Mazko organized the Ukrainischer Chor PERESPIV (Schweiz) , which united Ukrainian women from all over Switzerland. It was especially joyful to see and hear so many young girls!!!! Franziska Welti organized the "Together" project, meeting her incredible choir Singfrauen Winterthur and Perespiv around Ukrainian traditional Polyphony. I had the honor of being invited and sharing the uniqueness of traditional songs. And that's why the TREE from Kryachkivka turned green in Switzerland. Three concerts are planned for June 2024 THANK YOU, dear Franziska!

the  only possible way to start this year wuth dear Victoria Hanna. Singing for Ukraine. Singing for Israel. Singing for Freedom!

with dearest and amazing KRONOS QUARTET


Thanks again to all dear friends in America who did not became fatigue of supporting us in the fight against the evil empire.
First of all, to the musicians and team of Kronos Quartet. For the courage to take risks, for confirming that art cannot be "out of politics", for the height of flight, for the depth of thought, for devotion to music and for incredible modesty !!!! For the opportunity not only to sing, but also to speak during the discussions after the concerts.
Dear Elena, thank you for a possibility of waking up next to the ocean, for being present at the unique farewell concert of Michael Tilson Thomas!
Thank you for the conversations, for your work with poetry, for your warmth, for your attention
My dearest Kitka Women's Vocal Ensemblesingers. Thank you for your support from the first day, for your voices at the charity evening, for bringing Ukrainian traditional polyphony to the world, for your love and care! Dearest Shira Cion for all your work to make it happen, for the healling stay at your home!
Thank you Leleka Foundation / БФ Лелека-Україна! For every life saved, thank you Vadim Geshel for the initiative and proposal to organize the charity event ! thank you for your tirelessness! During this evening, we collected 4,771 dollars in donations.
In addition, Nadine, whose relatives come from Chernivtsi, donated the sacred number 18 for Jewish culture, twice 1080 dollars. Oleg Kadanov immediately bought a night vision device for one 1080 and it is already working!!! The second 1080 together with the donation of the voice professor from CalArt University (who also has not been tired since the beginning of the big scale war and regularly supports) and together with the donations collected by Franziska Welti conductor from Switzerland (who is also not going to get tired) we managed to close the fundraising for the car for the unit of Kristina Kristi Kristina's brother from Zaporizhzhia.
So, the trip was not in vain !
THANK YOU ALL, most of all, thank you to all our defenders in Ukraine, in everyone in Ukraine, who resist !
We don't stop until we win

Someone put together a collection "The Global 500 Greatest Songs of All Time" and my singing of "Plyve Kacha" is included. I begun to sing KACHA back in the 90s, when we had a trio with Lilia Melnik and Yaryna Horyn in the Cheremosh University Choir. The recording was made in 2001. Then I got information from somewhere that it was the favorite song of Mykhailo Zhyzniewski, one of the first people killed on the Euromaidan. The song turned into a lament, a requiem. And that's why I asked Oleksandr Frazé-Frazénko to make a memory video. I am touched that this particular lament song, a song that helps us move through pain and sadness, made it into the collection.
I visualize our singing of joy - when we will finally celebrate the victory. ZAPOVIT of Taras Shevchenko ?

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