Thank you!
Every time I saw a new donation on the account, my eyes filled with tears of gratitude!  It was a very hard year. At once I felt so powerless that I thought only about one thing - to fall asleep and not to wake up again. But now I am calm - I know that we will get through this winter. I am not afraid anymore, because so many hearts are shining on the dark map of 2022!  

So many people stood up to resist. There in Ukraine and here in Europe or America. And you too - it was your donations that saved lives - thanks to you, someone managed to get out of the encirclement, because he had a radio-set, someone was saved by the bulletproof vest and helmet we bought, someone was warmed by warm sleeping bags, gloves, boots, someone could talk to his family during the break, because he had a battery, generator, power bank, someone could see at night, because he had a thermal device, someone else was saved because there was a car that took him from the battlefield. Your donations have supported those who lost their homes and are forced to build their lives from scratch.
THANK YOU! This is our contribution. It shines to us in this darkness!

My mother, Kateryna Nemyra, in a small village near Lviv continues to paint with local and displaced children. In the light of candles and while sirens are wailing. So let this calendar with the child pictire be a gratitude from all of us and a clear amulet! An amulet of Life!

2023 will be victorious! We will fill it with love, creativity, beauty and joy!

Ich danke Ihnen! Jedes Mal, wenn ich eine neue Spende auf dem Konto sah, füllten sich meine Augen mit Tränen der Dankbarkeit!  

Es war ein sehr hartes Jahr. In einem Moment fühlte ich mich so machtlos, dass ich nur an eines dachte - einzuschlafen und nicht wieder aufzuwachen. Aber jetzt bin ich beruhigt - ich weiß, dass wir diesen Winter überstehen werden. Ich habe keine Angst mehr, denn so viele Herzen leuchten auf der dunklen Karte des Jahres 2022!
So viele Menschen sind  aktive und verteidigen. Dort in der Ukraine und hier in Europa oder Amerika. Und auch Sie - es waren Ihre Spenden, die Leben gerettet haben - dank Ihnen konnte sich jemand aus der Umzingelung befreien, weil er ein Funkgerät hatte, jemand wurde durch die kugelsichere Weste und den Helm gerettet, die wir gekauft haben, jemand wurde durch warme Schlafsäcke und Handschuhe gewärmt, jemand konnte während der Pause mit seiner Familie sprechen, weil er eine Batterie, einen Generator oder eine Powerbank hatte, jemand konnte nachts sehen, weil er ein Wärmebildgerät hatte, jemand anderes wurde gerettet, weil es ein Auto gab, das ihn vom Schlachtfeld wegbrachte. Mit Ihren Spenden haben Sie diejenigen unterstützt, die ihr Zuhause verloren haben und gezwungen sind, ihr Leben von Grund auf neu aufzubauen.
DANKESCHÖN! Dies ist unser Beitrag. Sie leuchtet uns in dieser Dunkelheit!

Meine Mutter in einem kleinen Dorf in der Nähe von Lviv malt weiterhin mit einheimischen und vertriebenen Kindern. Im Schein von Kerzen und bei heulenden Sirenen. Dieser Kalender soll ein Dankeschön von uns allen sein und ein strahlendes Amulett, ein Amulett des Lebens!

Das Jahr 2023 wird siegreich sein! Wir werden ihn mit Liebe, Kreativität, Schönheit und Freude füllen!

Дякую тобі! Кожного разу, коли я бачила нову пожертву на рахунку, очі наповнювалися сльозами вдячності!  Це був дуже важкий рік. В певинй момент безсилля так накрило мене, що  я думала лише про одне- заснути і більше не прокидатися. Але  зараз я спокійна- я знаю, що ми перейдемо через цю зиму. Я більше не боюся, бо на темній карті 2022 року світяться стільки сердець!  
Стільки людей стали на захист. Там в Україні і тут у нас в Європі  чи Америці. І ти також- це твої пожертви рятували життя -завдяки тобі, хтось зумів вийти з оточення, бо мав звязок ( рацію), когось вберіг куплений нами бронежилет і каска,  когось зігріли теплі спальники ,  рукавиці, чоботи, хтось міг в перерві поспілкуватися з родиною, бо мав акумулятор, генератор, повербанк, хтось міг бачити вночі, бо мав тепловізор, хтосі інший був врятований, бо була автівка, котра вивезла з поля бою. Твої пожертви підтримали тих, хто втратив дім і змушений будувати життя з нуля.
ДЯКУЮ! Це наш вклад. Він світить нам у цій темряві!

Моя мама в невеликому селі під Львовом продовжує малювати з дітьми- місцевими і переселенцями. В світлі свічок і  під час завивання сирен. То нехай цей календар буде подякою від усіх нас і ясним оберегом! Оберегом Життя!

2023 буде переможним! Ми з вами наповнимо його  любов'ю, творчістю, красою і радістю!

ART AGAINST WAR  November 2022
Art helps us to overcome fear and share strength and support in this fight against evil - these words were recently said by Serhiy Zhadan during his speech in Munich.

Svitlana Kundish recalled the words of Rabbi Nachman:“Everything in the world - everything that exists and everything that happens - is a test, the purpose of which is to give you freedom of choice. Ch

oose wisely. Know this. The whole world is a very, very narrow bridge... And the main thing is not to be afraid at all!“

Thanks to all of you - who help to overcome fear, help to warm, to resist, to survive!
Who walks with us on this narrow bridge.

For your last donations we bought a diesel generator for soldiers near Kherson (1300 Euros), radios sets  for soldiers in  the Donetsk region (1232,84 Euros), two generators for mothers and their children, wives of soldiers (1000 Euros), 100 euro sent for the treatment of wounded soldier. Together with friends in Poland we bought two thermal vision devises for the brilliant musician Mark Tokar (6860Euro)!

Special thanks to Pastor Hans Mörtter and his wife Sonja!
And also to our incredible Tamara Lukasheva!

Dears, we will not stop, we have no right to! The next priority remains the cars.

Thanks to everyone who does not agree to pay for cheap gas and food with the lives of Ukrainians.

I bow my head to everyone in Ukraine who chooses to be without light, heat, water, but „without them“. Without this russian terrorist country!
I believe that we will get through this winter together. We resist! We are waiting for spring and victory!

Yours, Maryana Sadovska
IBAN DE12500502011235532478 Swift BIC HELADEF1822
Bank 1822direkt
Borsigallee 19
60388 Frankfurt am Main
Per Paypal: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Für eine Spendenquittung, bitte über Südstadt-Leben e.V.
IBAN: DE09 3506 0190 10134 76 019 Stichwort: Ukraine-Mariana

This performance was conceived several years ago. I was waiting for the amazing opportunity to dive into the Greek tradition of ritual laments „miroloi“, waiting for a meeting with a Korean shaman who knows, how to accompany the souls of the dead and how to support those, who remain, to pass through separation and loss.
But, because of ruzzki mir, this work has become for me like a dream... sad, terrible, from which I just want to wake up... I survived, holding on to Vasyl Stus"Rage" , holding on "These are my fields and my gardens" by dear Kateryna Babkina. I withstood, thanks to the incredible support of dearest colleagues from Germany, France, Greece, Korea .... Thank you, MOUVOIR / Stephanie Thiersch for the possibility, during this performance, to repeat again and again:
"This is my country.
And all the fucking mess in this country is also mine.
So what do you want, merciless, ruthless world?
Why do you wear me out in my sorrow?
I gave you a safe place to cross the river
and a delicious dinner, and women and fish.
Unclench your fist, exchange your direction and view
for all my unearthly and earthly things"
Tomorrow and after-tomorrow-

Art against war!
Today I congratulate everyone on the holiday of Pokrova-Patroness of defenders! And I send huge gratitude to
all defenders- those who are at the front and those who do not get tired of supporting the front!
Here, first of all, I thank Ulyana Ursa Mare Osovska Denis Strashnyi Jura Josyfovych -thanks to them and to your donations
this van was bought and delivered to the front line. Thanks to the volunteers of for the logistics. Special thanks to the wonderful Tamara Lukasheva!
In addition, your donations helped to buy another "horse" and it is already serving faithfully!
In addition, we continue to raise funds for two thermal devises for Mark Tokar
There is very little left!
The collection was announced by our close friend, the famous Polish musician Tomasz Sikora. Most of the donations are collected in Poland. But many thanks to all of you who donated here in Germany "For Mark"!
Here is again a special bow to Tamara Lukasheva
Link where you may support, that Mark will come back with the Victory to the the Music in the first and second comment.
(And let me tell you a secret - Mark already has the devices in his hands! Because even the fact that it has become difficult to rise support .... and we have not yet collected the full amount , this does not stop us)
Very special thanks goes to the beautiful and strong Театр Лесі Українки from Lviv!
And very privately congratulations to my dearest defender Sashko Sadovskyj- I am proud of you, Brother! We are waiting for you with the victory!
Thank you, Salzburg- for the donations . I've got 230 euro after the concert and somebody transfered 200 Euro!
 you may donate here
or here:
Maryana Sadovska
IBAN DE12500502011235532478 Swift BIC HELADEF1822
Bank 1822direkt
Borsigallee 19
60388 Frankfurt am Main
Per Paypal: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Für eine Spendenquittung, bitte über Südstadt-Leben e.V.
IBAN: DE09 3506 0190 10134 76 019 Stichwort: Ukraine-Mariana Sadovska

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