Finally, it will be real! Last preparation for the US travel! I am so exited to perform during globalFEST in New York! I am so exited to meet all friends, to catch up, what is going on in music and theater in NY and San Francisco, to work again with amazing Kronos Quartet and Kitka Vocal Ensemble, to see, finally, the Theater performance of Lars Jan, for which I have been working on music! Exited! Exited! Exited I am!!!!

And before that, with Christian Thome we will be performing in Cologne Statgarten on Jan.12. We will do our „warm up“, we will get ready for you, America!

I am getting ready for the amazing project - singing together with Nadja Räss and Outi Pulkkinen. Since a long time I was dreaming to get in touch with Yodel, to try out, to learn. It will happen already next week, and even more, I will learn about singing runo songs from Finland!

And I will work with two amazing vocalist! And we will sing music, composed for us by Markus Flückiger.

All this will happen as a NATURSTIMMEN ON TOUR in Switzerland already next week!

One week of singing, rehearsing, learning and it is tomorrow in St Gallen – we will celebrate our first concert with Nadja Räss and Outi Pulkkinen.

Ancient songs from Switzerland, Finland and Ukraine will meet tomorrow (and the next days) through our voices...

But even more – the Yodel choirs from different area will join us and even more – what is tradition without a contemporary? Our voices will search for connection and harmony, while singing compositions of Markus Fluckiger.

This was one of the most special week for me...I hope , we will be able to share this happyness of meeting with the audience.

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