One of the most beautiful Festival in the world! So rich, so many different musics, styles, worlds. Really important our days to be able meet, to confrontate, to learn each other! Amazing young and warm audience. Just loved to be there!!!

Fot.M.Kaczyński © CK ZAMEK


Thank you Naturstimmen Festival for an incredible chance to meet, to sing, to share our passion  with incredible Lena Willemark (Sweden), Anita Mahdia Daulne (Kongo) , Tamar Buadze (Georgia), Outi Pulkkinnen (Finland) and Nadja Räss ( Switzerland)! One week long we were "diving" into the traditional singing and music of our cultures, we were learning and teaching, discovering and creating.  In one moment Anita compared us to the meeting of the Quinn bees. I just wish to have such  chance again. To meet and sing with all of you again. And my biggest dream is to come with all of you to Ukraine!

What I will never forget, what became the most incredible experience for me, while my recent travel to the “grey zone”, to the front line of the war with damn Putin. It was such very simple and such unusual request of children – small kids 5-6 years old, but also teenagers, after our “workshops”, after singing together: could you, please, embrace me? And how strong where their hugs, and how, I wish, to be able to embrace them and to cover, to protect them from everything...And how absolutely unbelievable this request sounds in the western world, as well as an existence of School of Art in a small tiny city! And how those kids were many so open, attentive, trustful eyes. And how director of other School of Music, real post-soviet director, for whom the most important is, that his students will win the competitions, so he is successfully training them and showing them like a strange puppets, like animal in circus, suddenly told me: ”you know, this last 2 years so many kids came to us with such a huge talents!”
...Seems is a special way Nature choose, to protect this kids from the war, while giving them incredible voices, talent and sensitivity! And how can I forget the eyes, very sad eyes of those not many, but those real MUSIC THEACHERS, who are trying to open the doors to the world of music!
This grey zone for me was flourishing with these incredible kids


I was really happy and honored to be able to show my newest piece „The night is just beginning“ in New York in the National Sawdust. “On the Frontlines”, curated by Elena Park was a meeting on stage with amazing Daniel Bernard Roumain. We shared our music, we shared our thoughts about the role of an artist today. Here are 3 excerpts of „The Night“ in The National Sawdust



„Tvoye Imya“

It was in November 25th 2017. After flight from Germany and night train from Kyiv, I did arrived in the Sumy city at 5 am and at 6 am I was taken by the group of amazing, young, talented, crazy(of course), enthusiastic people to the one of the most magical place on this Earth – MOHRYTSIA- where they brought stenographie, costumes, ideas, cameras, lights, phantasy, creativity...and where we didn’t died from the coldness, just because they cooked the most tasteful soup on the fireplace! So now as a result- I have my first music-video! Yes, we had only one day for to make 8 min song...(Christian, why do we have such long songs?). Yes, now I just can imagine, what they will be able to create, if we had more time, possibilities, and...”financial support”. And yes, I can not express my thankfulness with the words...I love you all Olga Kovalevska Nadezhda BelokurSergii Chepulskyi Yuriy Vishnyakov Артем , Oksana TalanSergei Gutsan

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