few fotos of Andrij Kuzmenko, Oleg Panov and Danuta Zgarda and warm memories from this Concert in Lviv Dovzhenko Centre

 @ Danuta Zgarda


@ Oleg Panov

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@Danuta Zgarda

I felt very thankful for the in Ukraine, that I was asked to sing during a Live benefit concert -- "Ми з вами!“ ( We are with you)
It was the most proper way for  me, to mark the 5th anniversary of the Ukrainian revolution known as Maidan, the revolution of Dignity. Dedicated to Ukrainian political prisoners. Remembering, that the fight is not over, that there are people right now in putins prisons. Ukrainian film director Oleg Sentsov  and more than 90 others….
Remembering and reminding.

I can be 5 min proud , or? Very nice portrait , written by  Elisa Erkelenz
„About a bird“

I start the new year ...
Working on music for the FUTUR 3 performance „A city accuses himself" (premiere on February 5th), completing the first series of workshops of the Ukrainian traditional polyphony  with a presentations  on January 19, enjoying the possibility of singing NIGHT in Warsaw 20 January!

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