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„ Sign of Eternity“– told me Oksana Lyniv, conductor of Bavarian State Opera, in very late night before the concert in Odessa Opera on Sep 15. „Sign of eternity“- she was painting this sign in the air, while suggesting me, how I may sing the last part of „5 Wedding songs „ 5 Vesilnych Ladkan“ composed by absolutely amazing Oleksandr Kozarenko. For me, this was a key not only for the Kosarenko's piece, but for the whole concert. All this, thanks to the huge talent and energy of Oksana- who brought together in the same space in the same time incredible artists, composers, musicians! Her way of leading the orchestra is like to make the Elements- the Nature itself to follow her hands! And now I have a dream – I wish, this music will be possible to hear again in Lviv, Kyiv, Mariupol, Cherson, New York, Paris, Berlin...everywhere!

 I still hear the rhytms and the motives of Brigitta Muntendorf`s composition, which I was singing yesterday in Cologne, but already today I start to rehears and prepare myself for the new incredible premier – on Sep 15 I will be performing composition of one of my favorite Ukrainian composer Oleksandr Kozarenko “5 wedding songs from Poluttia” under conducting of Oksana Lyniv from Bayerische Staatsoper. My heart is bitting quicker already now, when I think about meeting with such artists!

city dance 2016


On my way to Odessa, I will “warm up” my self in the Musikfestival in Bad Zurzach (Switzerland) on Sep 10. Exited!




Dear all, if you are in Cologne Sep.3, please come to dance with us! Starting 9am “City Dance Köln” is inviting you to became a part of extraordinary event, together with more the 300 Professional and semi-professionals, old and young, from different countries and culture: musicians, dancers, performers, students of local music schools, many choirs (including the choir of Policewomen), orchestras and all side walkers, streets, places and architecture... we are going to “dance” the city! 12 Hours, till 6pm with “Grand finale” in the place in front of train station, just to make our artistic and human sign of joy, creativity and welcoming! For all culture, genders, generations etc...I am so happy to be able to be part of this crazy and beautiful project and work together with such incredible artist like choreographer Stephanie Thiersch, composer Brigitta Muntendorf, Asasello String Quartet, and many many others...Me myself, I am signing at 2:30 pm in Oberlandesgericht Köln and at 6 pm in the train station place. (Bahnhof Platz)

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I am very exited to participate in the upcoming project of choreographer Stephanie Thiersch CityDANCE. The rehearsal of a composition of composer Brigitta Muntendorf was challenging and beautiful. Looking forwards for the September 3rd, when the city of Cologne is going to DANCE!

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