Rehearsing "Songs of Babyn Yar" Project in Berlin

"Why, why, my soul, should I descend into this darkness of the abyss?" - These are the words of the nigun, brought to this work by Svetlana Kundish . A week of rehearsals, a week of immersion in Babyn Yar, a week of meeting such people, that I keep wonder - how I could not have known them before? How could I live without the purity and depth of Sveta's voice? Without musical sensitivity, warmth, erudition of Yuriy Gurzhy? A week of doubts and searches on how not to "make music“, but to create a space so that the voice of Rachil could be heard, the one who managed to survive - "to testify, I must survive" (quoting Marianna Kijanowska) Meeting Rachil was a blessing for us , she became our guide… I am grateful to everyone who is involved in this work, who made it possible, accompanies, supports. I believe that thanks to the sensitive accompaniment of Josephine Burton and Yael Shavit, we will be able to walk this path honestly, avoiding pathos and not avoiding painful questions.
foto: Elena Groza
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