I have a feeling that a huge amount of dark forces was gathering around this project (maybe it's because I recently saw again the movie "The Lost Letter“)
But really, until the last minute, there were lockdowns, problems with the coordination of our complex calendars, children's illnesses, and finally the f-ing Covid, which came so harmfully close, just before the premiere in London. Josephine Josephine Burton, I will never forget you, correcting our rehearsal , while staying outside, literally in the park… Without removing the mask for even a minute, despite the negative tests. Forgive me, please, for my panic reactions associated with exaggerated fear. This disgusting fear, which has settled in our lives along with the Covid, and which sometimes obscures rational thinking.
But now I know exactly what I was all this time hoping for. There are many angels around this project! And not only those mystical, but those very real, human. All those who fought, who did not give up, even when they were "cutting money" - thank you,Ukrainian Institute - Український інститут, thank you especially , dear Volodymyr Sheiko! Thank you dear Cristina Catalina!
Who appeared on the road and took over all organizational work!Melanka Piroschik, this is my tost to you! Huge thanks to our husbands, Andre, Patrick, Jeremy, who stayed home with the sick children, covering our backs and helping us "crystallize our thoughts.“
Thank you, Destiny, for allowing our roads to cross in this work - we have NEVER worked together before! This was one of the super-risks. But the key to honest work is a meeting of like-minded people who are not afraid to ask difficult questions, which are guided by "listening", "attentiveness", which allow souls to "become transparent", using the words of Marianna Kijanowska. I want to say more - but I'm afraid to roll beyond pathos. This is also one of the features of this work - try not to cross that pathos line.
Are there words to express what I feel, dear Svetlana Kundish, Yuriy Gurzhy, Josephine Burton, Yael Shavit, Cristina Catalina, Marie Blunck ??? Thank you as well to Tetyana Filevska, Anastasia Gaishenetc, Marina Pesenti…(hello, female power 😉
I can hardly think without emotion about all the dearest people who were with us "at birth“, watching online, but with us so close - our parents in Ukraine, Germany, Israel, USA, my friends Mary Kalyna from Philadelphia, Christian Herrmann from Cologne, the Piroschik Family from Leipzig, and many more, my first music teacher Irina Samoinovna from Israel. And - our dearest Rachil Blankman.
I believe, I hope, on December 7 we will be able to come to Babyn Yar and give our SONGS FOR BABYN YAR in Kyiv

"від «Пісень Бабиного Яру» на їдиші та івриті, українською і російською у виконанні трьох музикантів – Світлани Кундиш, Мар’яни Садовської і Юрія Гуржи – мороз по шкірі, неймовірні почуття."Ольга Танасійчук, UKRINFORM

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