Because of this work, I missed the celebration of the school end of my son and 15th birthday of my daughter… I hope very much it was not in wain… Already on Sunday July 4th I will lend
my body to Jenta from the „Books of Jacob“ by Olga Tokarczhuk in Thalia Theater /Hamburg

It finally happened- yesterday in Theater Neue Bühne Senftenberg we were able to present our new project „I want to live“, based on a poetry of Selma Meerbaum! Together with Futur3 from Cologne and Theater Lesi from Lviv, we were waiting more than one year for a possibility of this work. Behind us - 3 weeks of intense rehearsal marathon ! And yesterday - tears of happiness, when Selma’s words were able to blossom ! Thank you, for the best team ever!
Next step - Cologne. June 26/27 during Sommerblut Festival

For me collaboration with Maria Jonas, Bassem Hawar and Ars Choralis Coeln became not just another project. Maria reached out and encouraged me to take the first steps on a previously unknown field. And so this meeting of Ukrainian Irmos with the tradition of European Early music, thanks to the knowledge, courage of search, talent and openness of Maria Jonas and Bassem Havar,thanks to the wonderful voices of singers Ars Choralis showed me so many more possible paths and opened new horizons. Covid did not allow us to share the results during the full concert, but we were able to record a music video and sung during the Service in Rochenkirche on Ukrainian Easter. A coincidence? Hope to be able to share this music with you soon.


And who is happy and proud ?   We are ! It feels good to  find ourselves in the short list of selected  by the jury of TheaterTreffen projects.

"1934-STIMMEN" is very special project and we are looking forward to perform it again  in June!

So exited to begin the 2021 with this project - theater adaptation of a latest novel  of my favorite  Polish writer Olga Tokarczuk

Thank you Ewelina Marciniak, for the invitation! Looking forwards to this journey „across 7 borders, 5 languages and 3 big religions“ on the boat and with a crew of  Hamburg Thalia Theater . For sure I will have lot of fun to look at the world  from Jenta perspective :)

If you search for me  - I am in Hamburg until the end of March

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