As a singer, actress and composer, you bring Ukrainian tradition into new musical territory. How would you define yourself as an artist?
Usually they put me into the „world music“  category. I am working across many musical styles - from the new music, while collaborating with Kronos quartet  till Jazz and electronic. I like name „ vocal art“ and I like to say, that I am working with the inspiration  of traditional Ukrainian music

How do you feel about the title 'Ukrainian Bjork’?
You now in our world we need labels.  For every thing. It is not me, who find such a comparison. I love Bjork`s work . I a, also very inspired by Diamanda Gallas, or Nina Hagen, or Fatima Miranda… sometimes, I am  making a joke, that Bjork is „Islandic Sadovska"

What is the central message of the performance 'Hello To Emptiness’?
Stefanie Thiersch will be better person to answer this question.  She is speaking about creating a poetic space for grieve that is the base for an empathic society, which is so much excluded from the Western, urban society. Grieve  is almost a tabu. So we want to brake out through it.
For me it is easier to speak about what questions I am asking myself and the audience in this performance, than about the message. How to deal with grieve and sorrow, when we did lost the technics of lamentations? When we do not have time for it , in our speedy way of living? How to deal with the emptiness, which we all feel? Why female lament were so scary for the society, that even Platon was  demanding to forbid them? Why societies, or male societies were are afraid of female voices? Is there anything we want to hold on, to transform , to protect , to learn from our traditions? Can art  became a bridge?  Missing link?

You're composing music in collaboration with Martha Mavroidi. What sort of sound can audiences expect to hear? What role will the music play in the show?
Music is central for this performance. It is the beginning and the end. Everything started actually from big fascination of one of the performer about greek traditional music tradition and in particularly with the miroloi tradition.
You will hear large spectrum of sounds, inspired by traditional cultures,  but also by contemporary vocal art experiments. It is important to say, most of the music is composed by Martha Mavroidi.

How did your collaboration with Martha come about?
As many thing in our life, it was per chance. We met with Martha once in New York long time ago. For this project Stephanie Thiersch , director and Choreographer invited both of us for a collaboration . So now we had a chance to meet and work  together, to connect our view on music and our approach. To find similarity and difference. The whole project is very collaborative, which is at the base of Stephanie work. Besides of the performative and dancing skills, each performer is amazing musicians. So I see „composing“ as bringing some  ingredients  and we all together create this piece. So actually each one name should be here written as co-composers, co-creators.

Among other cultural practices, the show draws upon the old Greek ritual 'miroloi' as a form of communion with both the deceased and natural world. Does Ukraine have similar historical practices?
Yes, we still have life tradition of singing laments . And similar to the miroloi , singing laments - „Holosinnia“- is the way, how you may communicate with the spirits, with our ancestors, with other relatives from the „other side“. I can speak hours about it, not sure we have time in this interview. But it is very important for me to say, that in Ukraine also survived the tradition of miroloi in the greek villages around Mariupol. You know , there are  greek villages and cities…? and greek tradition survived there, despite the Stalins repression, who was trying to kill , to destroy it completely. I actually was hoping this Mai to go there  for an expedition, to search for material, to gather songs and stories, My heart is breaking, when I think about this places now…Mariupol is the centre of Greek culture in Ukraine! All villages around….. we need to save them!!!!

Ηow does it feel creating a show about managing grief, whilst at the same time experiencing grief for the events in Ukraine?
Stefanie Thiersch and the whole  team is very much supportive and it is clear, that we will not look away from what is going on in Ukraine. Our grieve and also our anger and rage became a part of the project.

You've organized Ukrainian relief concerts, generating €100.000 for protective vests and night-vision glasses. What other ways are you thinking of helping Ukraine?
To help to defend our people from the one of the biggest and for sure one of the most brutal Armee should be absolute priority! So, to support Ukraine with weapons - is a priority!
Complete energetic embargo with Russia  and real sanctions, to cut Russian banks from SWIFT. How come, since February 24thin Ukraine received 1 milliard aid from the EU and in the same time EU payed to over Russia 35 Milliards! Every one should be aware of it. Our politicians made, that the blood of Ukrainian children, women and men is also on our hands!!!
And we need to make sure, that the Sky is Closed over Ukraine, so Russians can not use airplanes and rackets to bomb Ukrainian cities. It is extremely important now, when we await for the next attack in the East and South of Ukraine.
Here in Greece I need to scream - to everything to help to survive greek population int he south of Ukraine, on the Above See!

Can art console during such difficult times?
Yes, I always understood art as an important platform to reach out the hearts of our audience, to ask difficult questions, to move us to think, to act, to  be awake ! To remember us about responsibility we all have in front of our planet, in front of our children , in front of our future.

Have you been disappointed by the West’s reaction to the situation in Ukraine?
Yes, a lot.  Unfortunately specially with the German politics. Country, in which I choose to live, in which my children are growing. All may friends, family, artists community  are   doing incredible things now while helping, supporting, showing incredible solidarity for Ukrainians in and outside Ukraine! But German politicians - it is a shame! I had a chance to meet chancellor  Olaf Scholz recently and to speak with him . It was so painful to experience, how his assistant didn’t want me to speak out. How they were trying to silent me. And it is a shame to see, how , even horrible facts reviled  from the cities of Butcha, Irpin, Hostomel, all those  killed innocent civilians, all those raped women and raped children! CHILDREN!!!! were not enough and German politicians are continue to think  t about bossiness, about money and are afraid to take a position…. The argument, that energetic embargo will costs working places in Germany is cynical . I read that in Mariupol Russians are burning 10000 of civilians to hide their crimes… What are we waiting for? How more innocent blond should flow, so that we will be ready to act?
Are there any actions you think the West should take?
I actually answered this question already. I can only add, that we in the west should have reacted already, when Putin was  occupying part of Moldova, Georgia, when he was killing  in Chechenia, when he was killing in Syria….and now we are again too late, again waiting, we are again afraid…look at Ukrainians…Look how we stop the Russian army sometimes  with  our hands….look how people are going on demonstration in occupied Kherson, Energodar… Do not be afraid!

Do you currently have any relatives in Ukraine that you're in contact with? If so, what are they telling you about the situation in the country?
My mama is in Ukraine, my brother (father of 2 small sons), is in territorial defense. So many friends of mine, musicians, artists, theater makers, writes are fighting or helping as volunteers..fighting also for us  here.
I am permanently in touch with many of them -while rising money, buying things, organizing logistic (in the brakes during the rehearsals, I transferring money for the radio sets, or helping to organize  logistic for the transportation of tourniquet. As well as, searching for place to stay for the refugee in Germany, organizing concerts for female musicians, who are already in Germany.)
What I experience from my friends in Ukraine  - extrem tiredness…it is 43 days today…. Extreme tiredness, but also readiness to do everything, we can …

What do you think was Putin’s main goal/motivation for invading Ukraine?
He wants to rebuild Imperium. Baltic countries, Finnland, Poland- in his  ill dream all this countries are part  of the imperium….I know it is hard to believe. Till 2014 I didn’t believe, the was is possible in Ukraine. Till February 24th I didn’t believe the boys will be falling on Kyiv and Kharkiv.  Now I want to shout out ß no body is save! Let us stop this monster! All together!
Do you think Vladimir Putin could ever be overthrown?
I only can hope for it. But let is not have illusions -  since February 24th his support in Russia did grow!!!!!! We have to face very dangerous and chauvinistic society. Event some opposition in Russia was sure, Crimea must be Russian!
There is almost not civil movement - I mean the small amount of brave people who are protection is not a real, organized, civil movement!  Since 22 years the elected this monster, and didn’t manage to ket grow opposition. Most of Russians believed that they surrounded by enemies. Sometimes I try to read Russian newspaper… it is unbelievable, what there write there…. By the way, you, greek people, you are also all nazi , according to Putin. We all are nazi….

Do you think he will lose anything as a result of this action?
Please, I am not a politician. He is not alone. He is surrounded by monsters.
But we know from the history, that all of them will need to answer in den Haag!

No one expected the Ukrainians to put up such a big resistance. What do you think it is that gives the Ukrainian people this strength, and what are their hopes?

I wish in the West people will be more familiar with the Ukrainian history and culture. I wish you will now learn more about it, so that you understand, that Love to Freedom is our natural born quality! That is why we perform this amazing, miracle resistance. That is why, during last 20 years, when in russia people elected Putin, we had 3 revolutions!
 Even in last 8 years, since the war had started in Ukraine with an occupation of Crimea and part of Donbass region , in Ukraine Art was growing, it was real cultural boom - so many theaters, music, films, literature! Amazing.  Now we protect all this! We protect our way of living! We protect our homes!.I am so proud ! And of course we have hope - if you hear about women in Kyiv, who broke the Russian drone with the glass of pickles, how can you lose hope? Of you see now everywhere in Europe  Ukrainian women with their children, if you look in their tired but full of strength eyes, with what determination how they protecting life, protection future generation, who they speak, that they do not want to stay here, they want to be back asap to Ukraine, to rebuilt it - how can you doubt?

What do you think of Volodymyr Zelenskiyy?
We will have many questions to him and to his environment after it all will be over. But right now, he has all our support. I honestly, didn’t expect many things from him. I am thankful for his bravery and determination.

What do you see for the future of Ukraine? How do you think this situation will end?
I visualize a big celebration! As Francis Fukuyama has written in his recent text -the victory of Ukraine give hope for all countries, where democracy is in danger right now. It will give hope to Taiwan, to the people in Hungary, Brasil…everywhere in the word.
We need to stop authoritarian regimes.  We need to say no, to the „money and business above all“. Human life and Dignity is above all! We need to stop those criminals in russia and everywhere.  And than we need to take care of our planet. We need to take a responsibility . Now. Each of us. We need to demand this responsibility from people, whom we chose in elections.  We need to be brave, as Ukrainians now are. And we will make big party! Big celebration of victory of Love . Victory of Light and Freedom!

We just say thank you!
Thank you our dear friends, thank you colleagues, thank you to all people, whom we don’t even know! Thank you for you generous donations, thank you for your words of support, thank you for everything you do, to help Ukraine and Ukrainians to resist!
Since Feb 24, we together help to safe many lives…
Here are some numbers
-more than 100.000,00 Euro were gathered
- 45 radio sets, 48 night visions devices, 4 drones, 13 bulletproofed vests, 300 knee protectors, 13 helmets, 46 army sleeping bags, were bought and transferred to Ukraine. (We have photo of every singe thing, some of it I attach to this letter.)
- Money for 4 cars were transferred
- I took part, organized, performed on more than 20 concerts, demonstrations, event of solidarity. After the premiere of Performance „Hello to Emptiness“ (which I am rehearsing these days) on April 16, next round of Solidarity Events are planed in France, Germany, Israel, USA
- I am working on a concert of „Music Battalion“ - during the biggest world music festival in Rudolstadt on July 9th , and started to curate a series of musical events with Ukrainian musicians at Körber Stiftung in Hamburg. The first concert will be in Hamburg June 10th with ensembles DREVO and DYVYNA
We will not stop, until Ukraine will be completely free!
We demand from our politicians to be brave!
We demand the complete energetic embargo with Russia and real sanctions, to cut Russian banks from SWIFT.
We demand that the Sky is Closed over Ukraine, so Russians can not use airplanes and rackets to bomb Ukrainian cities
We will win, let us do everything we can, so the prize will be not too high. I am writing we - as I am not alone. We are a team of many people spending their time, hearts, thoughts, and hands to support Ukraine.
For a safety reasons and cause there is no way to mention all names, so only a few now. We are - Andre, Yaroslav Orban, Maxim Melnyk and „MEDS for Ukraine“, Ulyana and many more….
If you want to help
Maryana Sadovska
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