Thank you ! 46 days -we resist!

We just say thank you!
Thank you our dear friends, thank you colleagues, thank you to all people, whom we don’t even know! Thank you for you generous donations, thank you for your words of support, thank you for everything you do, to help Ukraine and Ukrainians to resist!
Since Feb 24, we together help to safe many lives…
Here are some numbers
-more than 100.000,00 Euro were gathered
- 45 radio sets, 48 night visions devices, 4 drones, 13 bulletproofed vests, 300 knee protectors, 13 helmets, 46 army sleeping bags, were bought and transferred to Ukraine. (We have photo of every singe thing, some of it I attach to this letter.)
- Money for 4 cars were transferred
- I took part, organized, performed on more than 20 concerts, demonstrations, event of solidarity. After the premiere of Performance „Hello to Emptiness“ (which I am rehearsing these days) on April 16, next round of Solidarity Events are planed in France, Germany, Israel, USA
- I am working on a concert of „Music Battalion“ - during the biggest world music festival in Rudolstadt on July 9th , and started to curate a series of musical events with Ukrainian musicians at Körber Stiftung in Hamburg. The first concert will be in Hamburg June 10th with ensembles DREVO and DYVYNA
We will not stop, until Ukraine will be completely free!
We demand from our politicians to be brave!
We demand the complete energetic embargo with Russia and real sanctions, to cut Russian banks from SWIFT.
We demand that the Sky is Closed over Ukraine, so Russians can not use airplanes and rackets to bomb Ukrainian cities
We will win, let us do everything we can, so the prize will be not too high. I am writing we - as I am not alone. We are a team of many people spending their time, hearts, thoughts, and hands to support Ukraine.
For a safety reasons and cause there is no way to mention all names, so only a few now. We are - Andre, Yaroslav Orban, Maxim Melnyk and „MEDS for Ukraine“, Ulyana and many more….
If you want to help
Maryana Sadovska
IBAN DE12500502011235532478
Name der Bank 1822direkt
Adresse der Bank Borsigallee 19, 60388 Frankfurt am Main
Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Telefon: 0157 3013 2991

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