"Losgelöst von allen Debatten ist die alte Jenta (Mariana Sadovska), die auf dem Weg zum Tod irgendwo falsch abgebogen ist und nun als Erzählerin im blauen Kleid zwischen den Welten schwebt. Sadovska singt selbstkomponierte, folkloristisch-spirituelle Melodien, die das Geschehen rahmen, wie auch im Roman diese Figur die Handlung umschließt."

"Why, why, my soul, should I descend into this darkness of the abyss?" - These are the words of the nigun, brought to this work by Svetlana Kundish . A week of rehearsals, a week of immersion in Babyn Yar, a week of meeting such people, that I keep wonder - how I could not have known them before? How could I live without the purity and depth of Sveta's voice? Without musical sensitivity, warmth, erudition of Yuriy Gurzhy? A week of doubts and searches on how not to "make music“, but to create a space so that the voice of Rachil could be heard, the one who managed to survive - "to testify, I must survive" (quoting Marianna Kijanowska) Meeting Rachil was a blessing for us , she became our guide… I am grateful to everyone who is involved in this work, who made it possible, accompanies, supports. I believe that thanks to the sensitive accompaniment of Josephine Burton and Yael Shavit, we will be able to walk this path honestly, avoiding pathos and not avoiding painful questions.
foto: Elena Groza

Our performance " Ich will leben" is nominated for the Cologne Theater Prize 2021! thank you all! Happyness!

Because of this work, I missed the celebration of the school end of my son and 15th birthday of my daughter… I hope very much it was not in wain… Already on Sunday July 4th I will lend
my body to Jenta from the „Books of Jacob“ by Olga Tokarczhuk in Thalia Theater /Hamburg
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