Art against war November 2022

ART AGAINST WAR  November 2022
Art helps us to overcome fear and share strength and support in this fight against evil - these words were recently said by Serhiy Zhadan during his speech in Munich.

Svitlana Kundish recalled the words of Rabbi Nachman:“Everything in the world - everything that exists and everything that happens - is a test, the purpose of which is to give you freedom of choice. Ch

oose wisely. Know this. The whole world is a very, very narrow bridge... And the main thing is not to be afraid at all!“

Thanks to all of you - who help to overcome fear, help to warm, to resist, to survive!
Who walks with us on this narrow bridge.

For your last donations we bought a diesel generator for soldiers near Kherson (1300 Euros), radios sets  for soldiers in  the Donetsk region (1232,84 Euros), two generators for mothers and their children, wives of soldiers (1000 Euros), 100 euro sent for the treatment of wounded soldier. Together with friends in Poland we bought two thermal vision devises for the brilliant musician Mark Tokar (6860Euro)!

Special thanks to Pastor Hans Mörtter and his wife Sonja!
And also to our incredible Tamara Lukasheva!

Dears, we will not stop, we have no right to! The next priority remains the cars.

Thanks to everyone who does not agree to pay for cheap gas and food with the lives of Ukrainians.

I bow my head to everyone in Ukraine who chooses to be without light, heat, water, but „without them“. Without this russian terrorist country!
I believe that we will get through this winter together. We resist! We are waiting for spring and victory!

Yours, Maryana Sadovska
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