Proud to be able to be part of this  book about Voice and Singing.
Now only in German, but, who knows? One day, one day….?




I am very exited to be able to accompany this incredible film by O. Dovzenko. More I am „diving in“ - more details I see, more  hidden sense I discover. It is a bit, like to look at there river- always changing, whispering you about the mystery of life.

I feel overwhelmed. This was really  my very special premiere in the Vinnytsia ,during the Festival Острів Європа Europe Island Festival
Singing  in the Garden of Kotcibynski family was already magical. And singing for so incredibly attentive and perceptive listeners , to discover, that so many of you know my songs . To hear your such important and full of love  comments - I am coming back home happy and moved. And with a dream to return again to Vinnytsia



Working on this piece  was very not easy.  Not , because of inner  conflicts or what ever. The whole  team  - director Stefan Otteni, stage designer, costume designer, all actors - were working full heart, devoted  and passionated. But, to try to give our voices for all, who are trying now to rich Europe and who are dying on overloaded small boats, to try to look at us Europeans, who we really are? How we react?  what is going on today around us, with us? And how easy and quickly we are losing  our humanity , when it is about surviving…emotionally this was really a challenge. Thank you , for this experience and this work.

few fotos of Andrij Kuzmenko, Oleg Panov and Danuta Zgarda and warm memories from this Concert in Lviv Dovzhenko Centre

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