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I am very exited to participate in the upcoming project of choreographer Stephanie Thiersch CityDANCE. The rehearsal of a composition of composer Brigitta Muntendorf was challenging and beautiful. Looking forwards for the September 3rd, when the city of Cologne is going to DANCE!

Two weeks I am here in Arezzo while teaching VOICE in Accademia dell`Arte in Arezzo.

Amazing school – really fantastic place to learn from the theater teachers from all around Europe. And plus- such a beautiful spring in Italy- warm, sunny, all birds are celebrating.

And in a free time – possibility to meditate in front of the Piero della Franceska fresco! Dolce vita!

It was one of the most amazing concert! We did arrived, but there was no way to get a drumset transported to the space. My musician-partner kept calm and he played „tuffet, pouffe“- I am not kidding! It was magic poor! Christian Thomé just proved, that genius musician can play one string, or one cymbals or he may let the regular bar „tuffet“ sound like the most incredible bass-drum.! Our sound engineer was amazed! As everyone in the space! I will never forget this performance, and I am so thankful and so blessed to be able to work and make music with such an incredible musician. Thank you one more time for everyone, who made it possible, specially to Victor Fiorillo and Mary Kalyna, thank you for both singers Cynthia Hopkins and Rosie Langabeer, who open up and warmed up the space with their art, and thank you for everyone, who came, disregarding the snow ….Christian is on his way back to Germany, I am getting ready for California...

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