Abenteuer Sing-Reise Ukraine, 20.-30. Juni 2018

10 Tage singend die Ukraine erleben!

Mit Mariana Sadovska, Lviv/Köln

27. -  29. April 2018 Auftaktwochenende im Schwarzwald
20. - 30. Juni 2018 Reise von Lemberg/Lviv bis Kiew/Kyiv

Das nach Russland zweitgrößte Staatsgebiet in Europa hat eine 1000-jährige Gesangstradition, die bis heute gepflegt wird. Bei jedem Fest, egal ob Stadt oder Land, wird gemeinsam in einer einzigartigen Polyphonie gesungen.
Es heißt: Wenn zwei Ukrainer zusammen singen, dann mindestens zweistimmig!

Wir fahren von Lemberg in der Westukraine bis zu den Karpaten und weiter nach Chernowitz und Kiew. Uns erwarten authentische Musik, Begegnungen mit Menschen, Musiker/-innen und gesangliche Entdeckungen jenseits typischer Reisewege.

Nov 15 in Lutherkirche in Cologne pastor Hans Mörter will celebrate a special requiem- reading the name of each person, who didn't manage to reach the City on Rhein,who, mostly, died in Mare Nostrum....we will remember each name and each life together with their relatives. The artists of Opera of Cologne will begin the evening with composition " HIOB" by Wilfried Hillers, and I will be singing as well. We will remember.

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I am in New York. Getting ready to the US premier of my newest project “The Night is just beginning”. In October 2016, I went to the Donetsk region, not far away from Mariupol city, into the small ethnographical expedition. Traveling through the villages just in frontline of a war (always need to check, if the village you want to go, is not occupied). Meeting women and men, recording their songs, stories, memories. Iryna Kriuczenko, the founder of an Ensemble­ “Zahraiyarochka” from Volnovacha town, is one of the most incredible person I ever met...Many years ago, she started to learn songs from her mother, she understood, that this music can not disappear, she teaches her daughters, she traveled around the region and gathered, supported and promoted this music. In the time, no body was interested...Thanks to her, today we have recordings of many women, who are not with us anymore, or who are so old, that they can not remember anymore, can not sing... she keeps this ancient, very rich in this region tradition alive and vivid.
This time, it was impossible to invite her to join us in New York.(visa, visa visa...f....) But, her voice, the voice of her mother, the voices from everyone we met, this “voice of Donbass” will be possible to hear in New York on Dec 16 and 17.
I will be singing their songs as well as compositions based on poems by Serhiy Zhadan and Lyuba Yakimchuk.
So thankful to be able to work on this with amazing Virlana Tkacz, Andre Erlen, Julian Kytasty and Waldemart Klyuzko, EvgeniyMaloletka and Yara Arts

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„ Sign of Eternity“– told me Oksana Lyniv, conductor of Bavarian State Opera, in very late night before the concert in Odessa Opera on Sep 15. „Sign of eternity“- she was painting this sign in the air, while suggesting me, how I may sing the last part of „5 Wedding songs „ 5 Vesilnych Ladkan“ composed by absolutely amazing Oleksandr Kozarenko. For me, this was a key not only for the Kosarenko's piece, but for the whole concert. All this, thanks to the huge talent and energy of Oksana- who brought together in the same space in the same time incredible artists, composers, musicians! Her way of leading the orchestra is like to make the Elements- the Nature itself to follow her hands! And now I have a dream – I wish, this music will be possible to hear again in Lviv, Kyiv, Mariupol, Cherson, New York, Paris, Berlin...everywhere!

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