Songs of Wounding- rehearsals

I am almost a bit embarrassed - I am again so lucky to be part of such amazing project!
Yesterday we started rehearsals of Songs of Wounding curated by Elisa Erkelenz - Compositions of Max Andrzejewski around Ukrainian traditional songs. For a unique ensemble - barock string quartet, drums, double bass and electronics. Here is a real meeting of old and new music. Fantastic musicians!
Premiere on Thursday, December 2 in Berlin radialsystem Outernational: Songs of Wounding
And I already dream of further development in Ukraine . I dream about meeting of Max and Золтан Алмаші, James Banner and Mark Tokar, Marta Zapparoli and Alla Zagaykevych.
And between dreams - I rehears, because all the songs I chose for this work are for me also new. I never sung them before.
Who is in Berlin? Welcome
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