New Music Video!

It was in November 25th 2017. After flight from Germany and night train from Kyiv, I did arrived in the Sumy city at 5 am and at 6 am I was taken by the group of amazing, young, talented, crazy(of course), enthusiastic people to the one of the most magical place on this Earth – MOHRYTSIA- where they brought stenographie, costumes, ideas, cameras, lights, phantasy, creativity...and where we didn’t died from the coldness, just because they cooked the most tasteful soup on the fireplace! So now as a result- I have my first music-video! Yes, we had only one day for to make 8 min song...(Christian, why do we have such long songs?). Yes, now I just can imagine, what they will be able to create, if we had more time, possibilities, and...”financial support”. And yes, I can not express my thankfulness with the words...I love you all Olga Kovalevska Nadezhda BelokurSergii Chepulskyi Yuriy Vishnyakov Артем , Oksana TalanSergei Gutsan

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