Songs of Wounding

A year ago, when I was invited to this project by curator
Elisa Erkelenz I didn't know any of the musicians. I „googled“ about the work of the composer and percussionist Max Andrzejewski, and remembered the words of another curator, Limor Tomer from New York. Limor once told me , that only working with very new, otherwise thinking musicians, you have a chance not to stop in development and not start repeating yourself.
Having agreed, for the first time I did not offer my thoughts and possible ideas about songs, but simply sent Max recordings from expeditions and short translations, more less what are the songs about. . It means, I left him alone with this probably unfamiliar, a little exotic and strange world of Ukrainian traditional song. Year has passed and yesterday we had the first meeting /rehearsal " in real"
I still can’t stop to be fascinated, how subtly, how deep Max felt the heart, the core of the songs. What interesting compositions he created around them. Can not describe in words this joy of meeting and working with the great talent and sensitivity of Max! today's pre-premiere of this project in Dresden. December 2 - a full concert in Berlin. I'm happy!
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