with Jarry Singla and Eastern flowers in Brussels

The first musician I met in Germany and with whom later created the Borderland project, was composer and pianist Jarry Singla. Jarry,  Christian Ramond, were between the first artists-friends , who immediately responded to our call for solidarity, supporting us during the demonstrations, sending donations to the army, playing many charity concerts.
And now Jarry did offer to dedicate the concert-presentation of his project „Eastern Flowers" during the Representation of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia to the European Union in Brussels, to the Solidarity with Ukraine event. Proposed and organized.
Thanks to Jarry, I was able to mention by name the artists who, instead of performing and creating, are fighting for all of us. Who stay in Ukraine and defend our freedom.During the concert we did rise  1087,50 Euro cash and more than 1000 were  transferred to my account. Thank you!

We will not stop! Ukrainе is resisting! Till the victory!

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