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"Berehynia " im Odessa Opera


„ Sign of Eternity“– told me Oksana Lyniv, conductor of Bavarian State Opera, in very late night before the concert in Odessa Opera on Sep 15. „Sign of eternity“- she was painting this sign in the air, while suggesting me, how I may sing the last part of „5 Wedding songs „ 5 Vesilnych Ladkan“ composed by absolutely amazing Oleksandr Kozarenko. For me, this was a key not only for the Kosarenko's piece, but for the whole concert. All this, thanks to the huge talent and energy of Oksana- who brought together in the same space in the same time incredible artists, composers, musicians! Her way of leading the orchestra is like to make the Elements- the Nature itself to follow her hands! And now I have a dream – I wish, this music will be possible to hear again in Lviv, Kyiv, Mariupol, Cherson, New York, Paris, Berlin...everywhere!

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