Composition of Mariana Sadovska in collaboration with Mark Tokar and Kurbasy Ensemble( Lviv/Ukraine) based on texts by Serhji Zhadan and Lubov Jakimchuk and Ukrainian traditional songs.

With '2014' Mariana Sadovska has created a musical response to current events in Ukraine, such as the occupation by Russia, war, destruction, and refugees.

Zhadan’s withering texts about death, abandoned houses and burnt churches are put to the women’s howling and to the penetrating, ice-cold creak of the double basses bows. Male and female energy, new poems and ancient songs come together, compositions and improvisations - it is the crashing sound of a tragic Greek chorus that somehow got through to the XXIth century. Stunning and soul-exhausting, it reached the farthest corners of the heart.” Cultprostir

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