Borderland, a collaborative project uniting Mariana Sadovska and talented jazz musicians from Cologne, Germany. Sadovska infuses Ukrainian traditional melodies and rhythms with a magic of her own, a modern-day metaphysics rooted in urban experience, theater, and a cosmopolitan lens. Expressive singing and experimental sounds merge into furious interpretations of archaic tellings.

In the German-Indian pianist Jarry Singla she found a partner who draws the inspiration for his work from many and diverse roots. The ensemble is completed by double-bassist Sebastian Gramms and percussionist Peter Kahlenborn, two versatile and inspired musicians who learned their craft across all schools of contemporary improvisational music. Structures of European jazz meet elements from the art music of various non-European musical cultures. In the quartet’s arrangements, this jigsaw puzzle flows together to create a colourful sound spectrum and expressive ballads about yearning, hope and an unrestrained courage to live.

Mariana Sadovska vocal, harmonium
Jarry Singla piano
Peter Kahlenborn drums, percussion
Sebastian Gramss double bass, cello

Most expressive: an astonishing mélange of archaic elements, vocal arts, hard rock and theatrical-ironic refractions.” (WDR3, Western German Broadcasting)

Mariana Sadovska is a passionate advocate and goodwill ambassador for the eerie, gypsyish folksongs from the remote villages of her native land. What was most striking about her show at Joe’s Pub last night was how relevant she made them for an urban, non-Ukrainian-speaking audience. […]
Moving in a split second from a whisper to a wail, crying, growling and, once in a while, shrieking, she showed off a vocal style more evocative of Nina Hagen or Diamanda Galas’ recent work than, say, Lydia Lunch.” (Lucid Culture, Sadistic Lullabies: at Joe's Pub, NYC)

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