"EARTH" (USSR 1930) by Olexandr Dovzhenko is the most famous Ukrainian film and is considered a masterpiece of world cinema. It is a poetic film story that tells of the events surrounding the collectivization of Ukraine in the late 1920s, the founding of the first collective farms and class hostility.

Dovzhenko’s ability to think mythologically and timelessly, to span entire historical eras, and to connect with his own people makes him a wholly heroic figure. The avant-garde film, glorified in Ukraine after Dovzhenko's death, was banned 9 days after its release. At an international referendum of film critics in Brussels in 1958, this film was named one of the 12 greatest achievements of world cinema.

In 2012, »EARTH« was restored on behalf of the Dovzhenko Center. In collaboration with the Dovzhenko Center, Cologne-based artist Mariana Sadovska has composed a musical accompaniment that has previously been presented in Kyiv and Paris.

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