12 Jun 2024
20 Jun 2024
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30 Jul 2024
Open Arts 2024

For this project Mariana Sadovska has teamed up with German percussionist and electronica specialist Christian Thomé, creating an ever-changing collage of ancient Ukrainian folk songs and contemporary electro-acoustic sounds.

Their assortment of instruments from harmonium to Jews harp to laptop is woven together by Mariana's powerful voice, in a programme suspended between the here and there, glued together by ancient roots, driven over unknown territory, travelling through curious bodies of sound.

VESNA is an east-western acoustic road movie: a meeting of cultures in poetry and melodies, which tells of the confrontation of love and death, of despair and hope – always in search of freedom and identity.

Urban and archaic compositions and arrangements of Mariana Sadovska and Christian Thomé – supposed to be anstract in spirit – but during the last year they has been marked by history: concrete experience of the Kiev revolution, rebellion, mourning, war.“ Teater Powszechny/Poland 

Her songs are obligated to folklore with full passion, however they take off to new horizons with the same devotion. They sound equally like an archaic echo of the primal scream and a sullen rebellion against all conventions. Even not understanding a word, one can hear the eternal theme of living and dying, and the sad impossibility to catch the moment.” (Wolf Kampmann, WIZ)

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