Traditional and new vocal music from Switzerland, Ukraine and Finland. Three folk musicians and solo sound artists – Mariana Sadovska, Nadja Räss and Outi Pulkkinen – blend in a trio whose spectrum of styles and nuances span the entire gamut of European singing. Yodelling, runo singing, Ukrainian ritual songs and music written by Swiss composer Markus Flückiger and the performers transport the listener through the cultures and time periods of Europe. The trio first performed on invitation by Klangfestival Naturstimmen in Switzerland in 2015, and the three experienced, style-conscious, broad-minded virtuoso musicians immediately found a connection in performing both traditional and newly composed music.

  • Outi Pulkkinen, voice and jouhikko
  • Nadja Räss, voice and diatonic accordion
  • Mariana Sadovska, voice and portable harmonium
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