For many years already, Mariana Sadovska has been leading workshops focused on the so called „white voice“ (open throat) drawing from the East-European tradition as well a contemporary vocal technics. Based on her experiences with the Polish Theatre Gardzienice she developed a system of exercises enabling to discover the bonds between movement and singing, gesture and voice, rhythm and breath. She looks for the essence of every song and strives for a true expression, as well as stimulates imagination: She acquaintances us with rituals, social origins and basis of everyday life contained in the individual songs – e.g. calling songs, wedding songs, lullabys, ballads and healing songs.

Sadovska has conducted numerous workshops at colleges, universities and art centers around the world, including International Workshop Festival (Israel), Grotowski Intitute ( Poland), University of Kabul (Afghanistan),Harvard University (USA), Princeton University ( USA), New York University ( USA).

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